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Ken Cornell,

Although Ocean Pacific Companies reigns in San Diego, company founder Ken Cornell hails from Las Vegas. He established himself as a tour de force in sales and marketing after years in the hospitality industry, eventually managing a firm with over 500 full-time staff. However, his life as a self-proclaimed “desert tortoise” in the Nevada heat fueled a longing for temperate climates and cool waves, eventually leading him to the San Diego shores.

Ken Cornell entered the world of high-end development through the threshold of the home he custom built for himself and his wife, Beth Molasky-Cornell, in Mission Beach. Once completed, the exquisite façade of their oceanfront home served as tangible publicity for their budding design and development firm: Ocean Pacific Companies.

Under Ken’s tutelage, the Ocean Pacific family expanded to include a small army of architects, agents, marketers, landscapers, skilled carpenters, and other craftsmen, specializing in custom homes and architecturally significant buildings. Ocean Pacific is now synonymous with the most cutting-edge, aesthetically prominent and luxurious coastal real estate in San Diego; and it continues to grow, changing the face of Mission Beach one home at a time.

Beth – Molasky Cornell,

Raised in Las Vegas, Beth Molasky-Cornell first moved to the west coast to earn a degree in sociology and a teaching credential from the University of Southern California. While she initially worked as an educator, her subsequent ventures were much broader in scope.

As the daughter of Irwin Molasky, champion developer and Las Vegas luminary, Beth soon established herself within her father’s Molasky Group of Companies as a partner, shareholder, and an active member of the Board of Directors. Among the Molasky Group real estate developments to which she contributed were the Winterwood Corporation land development, the Park Towers luxury condominiums, and the Bank of America Plazas.

Like her husband Ken Cornell, Beth possessed a special affection for the California coastline as well as high-end architecture. The pair’s dual passions were merged with the creation of Ocean Pacific Companies, for which Beth serves as a founding partner and core member of the Board of Directors. She is involved in every aspect of the Ocean Pacific process, from acquisition and design to sales and marketing, and migrates between the Cornells’ homes in Las Vegas and Mission Beach.

The Molasky Group


Ocean Pacific Companies has realized such unparalleled achievement by keeping its teammates close. The company’s most prominent partner is the Molasky Group, which prospers in San Diego’s eastward neighbor, Las Vegas; at its helm is Irwin Molasky, father of Ocean Pacific Companies co-founder Beth Molasky-Cornell.

Irwin Molasky, Chairman of the Molasky Group of Companies, is a Las Vegas revolutionary. Molasky is not only responsible for his company’s accomplishment and staggering longevity, but also much of the core development of the city of Las Vegas. Where others saw dust and heat in the 1950s Nevada desert, Irwin Molasky saw potential. Obtaining one of the first contracting licenses ever issued by the city of Las Vegas, Molasky and his children became pioneers of luxury and lifestyle, piloting decades of progress in the American Southwest.

Among the Molasky Group’s constellation of achievements is a series of Las Vegas firsts: the first privately owned hospital, Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center; the first indoor shopping center, Boulevard Mall; the Nathan Adelson Hospice, the state’s first hospice; and the first Class A office towers, Bank of America Plaza and Bank of America West. The Molasky portfolio has expanded over the years to include thousands of homes, millions of square feet of Class A office space, master-planned golf course communities, shopping centers, and industrial parks.

Molasky formed a partnership with legendary casino executive Steve Wynn to introduce Park Towers, Las Vegas’s most celebrated high-rise condominium development. Minutes away from the Las Vegas strip, Park Towers overlooks the vast, shimmering cradle of Nevada desert Molasky helped transform into a thriving oasis, a flower of lights.

The Molasky Corporate Center is the company’s most recent project, and it’s most commendable. The 243-foot skyscraper is the first office building in Las Vegas to attain a Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The Molasky Corporate Center is a vanguard in environmentally sustainable building, utilizing recycled materials in its construction, advanced solar technology and low-flow fixtures; while boasting everything from hybrid shuttle service to interactive exhibits showcasing environmental innovations.

Serving alongside Irwin Molasky and long-time company president, Richard Worthington, are Irwin Molasky’s children, who all operate as partners in the Molasky Group of Companies: Steven Molasky and Alan Molasky, veteran developers of more than 10,000 apartments, condominiums and homes in Nevada and California; Andrew Molasky, a former entertainment lawyer, now an executive producer and founder of the esteemed Stone Village Pictures, and Beth Molasky-Cornell, co-founder of Ocean Pacific Companies. Equally accomplished are Irwin Molasky’s stepchildren: Gary Frey, also a real estate developer; Michael Frey, a successful entrepreneur; and Robert Frey, the foremost nightclub proprietor in the United States.